Chain stats

Real-Time TPS

4.71 tx/s

Max Recorded TPS

25.86 tx/s

Max Theoretical TPS

136 tx/s

Block Time





Layer 2

Governance Model


What is Scroll?

Scroll, a Layer 2 Ethereum network, aims to simplify scaling solutions for projects utilizing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its primary mechanism, zkEVM, integrates zero-knowledge proofs with the EVM, enabling rapid Ethereum transaction confirmation without the need to store and transfer additional transaction data. Scroll aims to establish a universal network that grants developers a user experience and security level akin to Ethereum while surpassing Ethereum in throughput, verification speed, and gas fee affordability

Metrics Overview:
Scroll TPS is 4.71 transactions per second
Scroll Max TPS is 25.86 transactions per second
Scroll Max Theoretical TPS is 136 transactions per second
Scroll block time is 3s
Scroll TTF is 18m
Scroll is a Layer 2 blockchain
Scroll governance model is multisig

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