Chain stats

Real-Time TPS

0.19 tx/s

Max Recorded TPS

9.29 tx/s

Max Theoretical TPS

1,333 tx/s

Block Time

3m 17s


12m 4s


Layer 1

Governance Model


What is Aeternity?

Engineered to scale and last, æternity is an easily accessible blockchain platform for the global public. With numerous innovative functionalities and performance far ahead of earlier blockchains, æternity allows its users and community to seamlessly venture into the new era of society, economy, and digital interactions.

Token symbol:

Metrics Overview:
Aeternity TPS is 0.19 transactions per second
Aeternity Max TPS is 9.29 transactions per second
Aeternity Max Theoretical TPS is 1,333 transactions per second
Aeternity block time is 3m 17s
Aeternity TTF is 12m 4s
Aeternity is a Layer 1 blockchain
Aeternity governance model is on-chain governance is a mechanism allowing decentralized communities to update a blockchain through direct on-chain voting.

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