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Chainspect is an independent blockchain analytics platform, so our blog reflects our core values: it's unbiased and focused on factual to-the-point information. We explain the metrics we track and why they matter.

Blockchain Governance: How Your Favorite Network Is Governed

Maintaining any blockchain requires a lot of decision-making. The way decisions are made heavily affects the network. So, let's figure out what ways are there!

May 3, 2024 Read more

What is Time to Finality (TTF)?

TTF is as a crucial metric for comparing blockchains: it influences both the speed and security of transactions. We recognize the significance of TTF, so let's delve into the key aspects of TTF and take a look at real metrics.

May 3, 2024 Read more

What is Block Time?

Block time is a key metric for comparing blockchains, because it controls the speed of transaction confirmation. Let's figure it out and take a look at real metrics.

May 3, 2024 Read more

Which blockchain has the highest TPS? (on Chainspect)

Explore the Scalability Trilemma, find out what is Hedera hashgraph, and how it allows handling so high transactions per second (TPS) rate.

Feb 14, 2024 Read more

What is Transactions Per Second (TPS)?

Transactions per second (TPS) measures the number of transactions a blockchain can process each second.

May 14, 2024 Read more

How to Select a Blockchain to Build On or Invest Into?

When we assess a blockchain we typically look into these 4 focus areas: Technicals, Community & Team, Liquidity, and Infrastructure. Let's dive into them!

Oct 19, 2023 Read more

Blockchains vs SWIFT: Ease Of Use, Speed, and Throughput

Let's compare SWIFT with top blockchains! We'll do a deep dive into the details of blockchains and SWIFT, focusing on ease of use, speed, and throughput.

Feb 12, 2024 Read more

Unveiling Blockchain Performance: Real-Time TPS vs TPS Claims

In the fast-changing world of blockchain, there's a lot of talk about TPS, but let's dig deeper and find out what those numbers really mean.

Feb 12, 2024 Read more

How To Calculate Transactions Per Second (TPS)?

To calculate TPS we take different time intervals (hour/day/week/month) and calculate the total amount of transactions in them. Then we divide it by the number of seconds in an interval.

May 3, 2024 Read more