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Compare Blockchains


Why compare blockchains at all?

There are a lot of blockchains on the market. Chainspect tracks 34 of them right now, so even picking one out of 34 is challenging. Each blockchain network comes with its unique set of features, strengths, and limitations. You need to analyze several key aspects of every protocol and then compare them with each other before selecting the right one.

We strive to simplify this process by offering our unique tool to compare any two blockchains we track. The comparison includes all our metrics and allows you to quickly identify which blockchain is the best in each metric and see how big the gap is.

What exactly is compared?

We compare blockchains by all metrics we track:

  1. Real-Time TPS
  2. Max Recorded TPS
  3. Max Theoretical TPS (coming soon)
  4. Block Time
  5. TTF
  6. Governance Model
  7. Blockchain Type

We believe this set of technical metrics provides a good foundation for effectively comparing blockchain networks side-to-side and making well-informed decisions on which blockchain to use.