Real-Time TPS

AirDAO TPS is 99.61% less than BNB Chain TPS

0.2 tx/s
52.27 tx/s

Max Recorded TPS

AirDAO max TPS is 99.89% less than BNB Chain max TPS

1.87 tx/s
1,731 tx/s

Max Theoretical TPS

AirDAO max theoretical TPS is 86.11% less than BNB Chain max theoretical TPS

309 tx/s
2,222 tx/s

Block Time

AirDAO block time is 1.72X more than BNB Chain block time


Time to Finality (TTF)

AirDAO TTF is 20X more than BNB Chain TTF

2m 30s


AirDAO and BNB Chain are both layer 1 blockchains

Layer 1 blockchain
Layer 1 blockchain

Governance Model

The governance types of AirDAO and BNB Chain are both on-chain


Other Comparisons

About Blockchains

What is AirDAO?

AirDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization governing the AMB-NET blockchain and its network of dApps. As the first DAO to encompass an entire L1 blockchain ecosystem, AirDAO is building an integrated suite of digital products and services that strip away the needless complexity from Web3 and bring its benefits to the average consumer via a single, easy-to-use web interface.

What is BNB Chain?

The BNB Chain, formerly known as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is a blockchain platform introduced by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Its native token, BNB, serves various roles within the ecosystem. BNB acts as the network's transaction fuel, similar to gas on Ethereum, and grants users governance rights to participate in on-chain decision-making. In September 2020, Binance introduced the BNB Smart Chain alongside the BNB Beacon Chain, extending BNB's functionality. The BNB Smart Chain supports smart contracts and staking, offering an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible infrastructure. This dual-chain design aims to provide a high-performance, cost-effective environment for the blockchain community, ensuring compatibility with existing Ethereum tools and dApps while improving scalability and user experience.

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