Real-Time TPS

Sei TPS is 94.25% less than Solana TPS

Sei logo
49.89 tx/s
Solana logo
868 tx/s

Max Recorded TPS

Sei max TPS is 96.46% less than Solana max TPS

Sei logo
256 tx/s
Solana logo
7,229 tx/s

Max Theoretical TPS

Sei max theoretical TPS is 80.76% less than Solana max theoretical TPS

Sei logo
12,500 tx/s
Solana logo
65,000 tx/s

Block Time

Sei block time is 10.69% less than Solana block time

Sei logo
Solana logo


Sei finality is 97.03% less than Solana finality

Sei logo
Solana logo


Sei and Solana are both layer 1 blockchains

Sei logo
Layer 1 blockchain
Solana logo
Layer 1 blockchain

Governance Model

Sei on-chain governance is better than Solana off-chain governance

Sei logo
Solana logo

Launch Date

Sei was launched 3 years after Solana

May 22, 2023
Mar 16, 2020

Other Comparisons

About Blockchains

What is Sei?

Sei is the ideal platform for developing groundbreaking applications, supporting the latest trends and innovations in blockchain. Carbon Neutral.

What is Solana?

Solana stands out as a high-performance blockchain, celebrated for its scalability, speed, and minimal transaction expenses. Featuring a distinctive consensus mechanism dubbed Proof of History (PoH), Solana achieves remarkable scalability and efficiency. Tailored to accommodate dApps, it excels in processing a vast number of transactions swiftly, thereby slashing processing durations and fees. These attributes make it a compelling platform for developers within the cryptocurrency realm.

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