Real-Time TPS

Sirius TPS is 99.68% less than Avalanche TPS

0.01 tx/s
3.19 tx/s

Max Recorded TPS

Sirius max TPS is 99.96% less than Avalanche max TPS

0.03 tx/s
92.74 tx/s

Max Theoretical TPS

Sirius max theoretical TPS is 18X more than Avalanche max theoretical TPS

6,279 tx/s
357 tx/s

Block Time

Sirius block time is 8.78X more than Avalanche block time


Time to Finality (TTF)

Sirius TTF is the same as Avalanche TTF



Sirius and Avalanche are both layer 1 blockchains

Layer 1 blockchain
Layer 1 blockchain

Governance Model

Sirius multisig governance is worse than Avalanche on-chain governance


Other Comparisons

About Blockchains

What is Sirius?

Sirius aims to offer a suite of primary services including blockchain, storage, streaming, and Supercontract. Its architecture allows for the seamless addition of future services without compromising performance. These services are managed and governed by robust consensus protocols, ensuring network integrity while incentivizing decentralized participation. With its parallelized services and protocols organized into distinct layers, Sirius is flexible, easy to adopt, fast, and secure. Packaged within an all-in-one extensible framework, the Sirius ecosystem is well-suited for a range of applications including dApps, DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and beyond.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche emerges as a rapid, scalable blockchain platform facilitating the seamless creation and deployment of dApps. Distinguished by its unique consensus mechanism, it's particularly good for DeFi applications, allowing high throughput and nearly instant finality. Its architecture allows for a network of interconnected blockchains, each safeguarded by dynamic subsets of validators, ensuring scalability while maintaining speed, reliability, and security.

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